Презентация RAD Data Communications

Презентация RAD Data Communications


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Ingress Policing per EVC.CoS
Egress Shaping is per EVC
Command Line Interface (CLI)
RAD’s new command line interface allows efficient management of multiple units using command data bases and scripts
Support  for Jumbo frames- 12KBytes
Support large frames for variety of applications
The egress MTU can be defined per flow
Double VLAN Mapping (CE-VLAN + SP-VLAN)
Additional flexibility to define Ethernet flows (NNI to UNI)
Standard CFM OAM per 802.1ag-D8:
End-to-end OAM for continuity check, non-intrusive loopback and performance management
Standard implementation, interoperability with 3rd party devices
Standard Performance Monitoring per Y.1731
Provide SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring to verify contracted Ethernet service
Mobile Demarcation Device - Timing Gateway & Demarcation
Per flow SLA measurements

Multiple synchronization over packet standards

Full awareness to the remote links (user and network status) through ETH OAM (CFM) messages
802.3ah Active mode
The ETX port is functioning in 802.3ah Active mode and can accept Dying gasp through ETH link OAM from its remote device
In-Band Management Bridging
Allow the user to manage different remote devices through user port  or out-of-band management port
Color sensitive Pbit remarking
CIR/EIR traffic of same EVC.CoS flow is being marked differently 

Ensure metering continuity across the network


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